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How to Maintain your Deck

Since decks are usually installed outdoors, they are prone to constant wear and tear. If you want to ensure that your decks are well-maintained throughout the years, you should take matters into your own hands.

You can use these simple and effective tips to keep your deck in good shape throughout the years:

1. Washing the Deck

You can accomplish this in late spring. By washing your deck, you will be able to keep the growth of mildews and molds in check. This, in turn, will prevent the deck from rotting over time.

By using a putty knife, you can remove stubborn debris that is stuck between decks. Additionally, to protect the plants and shrubs that you may have placed on your deck while washing, you can cover them up with plastic wrappings.

2. Use a Good Cleaner

For a wooden deck, go for a standard cleaner. Most of them will require you first wet the deck. However, simply follow whatever instructions you see on the cleaner.

For Composite decks, you will require a special cleaner made only for composite decks. For all the grease and stains that you find on composite material, you can use a detergent or a de-greaser.

For a PVC deck, you will need only the most basic items for cleaning i.e. water and soap. This will be enough to eliminate the dirt, stains and mildew.

3. Scrub & Clean the Deck

To ensure the best results, you will have to make sure you clean the deck on a rather cloudy day than a sunny day. This is because you will want to make sure that the sun does not evaporate the water and cleaner that you’ll be using.

For a wooden deck, you may use a stifled brush or a paint roller. You should ensure that the deck doesn’t run dry until you’ve thoroughly cleaned every nook and corner. Alternatively, you can let it soak and after a couple of minutes rinse it with water.

With composite decks, you may use a soft brush to scrub it. Also, ensure not to use pressure water so as to avoid permanent damage. Deck brightener will enable you permanently remove decks and stains.

As for Vinyl decks, you can just deep scrub in rotating motions and then, later on, let it dry.

4. Seal the Deck

Before sealing the deck, make sure that it is completely dry. Also, the timing matters, the best time for sealing your decks is late spring. Sealing materials are available almost anywhere for as little as $30.

You can opt for clear sealer which will give the wood a natural color or you can go for semi-transparent or simply solid stain.

Sealers and toners are supposed to be applied annually and while you are doing the jobs, make sure you’re wearing protective gloves, safety masks, and eye protection.

5. Deck Inspection & Repair

You should routinely inspect your deck for signs of repair such as rot. Inspection is best done during a dry day. For instance, you may use a screwdriver to inspect suspected areas. If your screwdriver goes deeper than expected, then it could be a sign of rot and that would need immediate attention.

Also check for rusts in the hardware and if you find any, be sure to fix it immediately.

6. General Preventative Measures

Always wash your deck during the fall or spring. This is because mild temperatures will give you the best results. Other than that, you can:

  • Trim the nearby bushes.
  • Avoid moving furniture often to prevent wear and tear.
  • Avoid heaping debris in the corners.

So now you have a rough idea on how to maintain your decks. This should save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs. If prefer using professional services for deck repair and maintenance, Master Decks will be a good choice.


COVID-19 Update: If you are in need of decking services, or any emergency repairs, we can do it. To keep you and our workers safe MasterDecks has established a social distancing policy, and we don’t have to enter your home to do work. We are also 100% paperless, allowing you to make payments, and e-sign all your documents from your phone or computer using BuilderTrend. Have questions, please feel free to call!