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At Master Decks we not only Specialize in decks, but we are also premier railing installers. When it comes to railing there are many options to think about. Do you want something that is low maintenance or something that doesn’t obstruct your view? Do you want to match the decking material or do you want something more modern like aluminum? We will break down all the different options with some rough pricing so you can see some of the options.


We will start with the lowest price and move up, explaining some of the pros and cons of each railing system.

Cedar Railing

Cedar Railing, like the decking, will need to be sealed either annually if its a clear coat or every 5 years if its a color sealer. The price is cheaper, but there more maintenance. Cedar railing gives you a warm outdoorsy feel if it’s raw and matches the surroundings if you decide to paint. It is wood so don’t expect it to last the same as say an aluminum railing would, 15 to 25 years with proper maintenance practices and depending on the weather it gets. These are some of the infill options with Cedar, infills are what occupies the space between the posts, there are literally thousands of infill options but here are the most common that you would see.

Cedar: All Cedar
Cedar: Aluminum Picket
Cedar: Glass

Aluminum Railing

An aluminum railing is a very low maintenance product. It also has a very clean modern look and you can either have glass, picket, or cable rail. You can get the aluminum powder coated in a variety of colors to match or accent your house. It’s a step up in price from cedar, but without the maintenance. There are several infill options for aluminum railing as stated below.

Aluminum: Picket
Aluminum: Glass
Aluminum: Cable Rail

PVC Railing

PVC Railing is another low maintenance product that is durable and has a classic look. It offers more privacy than an aluminum railing depending on the spacing and number of the ballisters you decide to go with the style you decide on. There are a variety of colors you can choose from to match or accent your home.

PVC Railing: Black w/ cable
PVC Railing: Black w/ Glass
PVC Railing: Black w/ Azek Cap to match Deck

Stainless Steel Railing

Steel railing is highly durable and very easy to maintain. It will retain its look through the toughest of weather and give the space a very classic look that can’t be replicated. There are a variety of different infills you can get with endless design customizations. Overall, one of the best railings you can buy and will look amazing in any setting.

Steel Railing: Steel with Cable.
Steel Railing: Steel Infill
Steel Railing: Steel with Glass

Topless Glass Railing (Crystal Railing)

The topless glass railing system is perfect if you are trying to keep 100% of your view. Living in the Seattle area has many benefits including some of the most amazing views! This product allows you to keep every bit of it. It also is equipped with lighting for the warm summer nights hanging on the back deck.

Topless Glass: Daytime
Topless Glass: Night time

Master Decks is a general contractor in the Seattle area. Our talented team of designers, project managers, and railing installers provide a wealth of experience that is unmatched in the Seattle outdoor living industry. With us, the construction process moves seamlessly from design to installation.


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